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Output kW:
Poles/Speed (RPM):
Type Output Poles RPM Series
REP 1102 4500Nm---Coaxial Cast Iron Gear Box
REP 1103 4600Nm---Coaxial Cast Iron Gear Box
REP 411A 38Nm---Coaxial Aluminium Gear Box
REP 402A 160Nm---Coaxial Aluminium Gear Box
REP 403A 160Nm---Coaxial Aluminium Gear Box
138HE3TD24138-3000Fire Diesel Engines
REP X42A 150Nm---Helical Bevel Gear Box
REP X43A 160Nm---Helical Bevel Gear Box
REP X62A 410Nm---Helical Bevel Gear Box
REP X63A 410Nm---Helical Bevel Gear Box
   * References applied only in the UK

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